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About us

TREE53 was founded by Geert Van Landeghem with a strong focus on data engineering and streaming platforms. Having worked 18 years building application solutions and the last 12 years building data solutions he believes both worlds can work more closely together by using streaming platforms as the central nervous system of the enterprise.
Throughout the years Geert has defined data strategies, data solution architectures and has build and coached data teams composed of data engineers, data scientists and data analysts.


Geert Van Landeghem

Co-founder Training & operations

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Gilles Moenaert

Junior Data Engineer

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Kristiaan Vanbrabant

Data Engineer & Java Architect

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Our solution focuses on improving data agility to empower business agility. Thereby we break data silos across the organization and systems which help you better coordinate your data and improve your company processes and product development. This approach is fully aligned with the DataOps.
DataOps just appeared on the Gartner HypeCycle. It aims at implementing a process to manage, store and use data in an agile and efficient way while reducing the cycle time of data analytics. The idea is to improve integration, communication and automation of data flows across the organization by leveraging people collaboration, processes and technology. Read the Manifesto here.


If you are passionate about engineering, event-driven data platforms and cloud technology, don't hesitate to get in touch with us now.

Junior & senior data platform engineers
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