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We are DataOps, (big) data and cloud consultants. We implement short and long-term consulting missions to tackle your challenges.

Vertical expertise


Ex.: How can I achieve a customer 360° view that allows me to centralize all information I gather about my customers ?


Ex.: How can streaming data help me better coordinate my systems in a microservices architecture ?


Ex.: How can I centralize all data from IoT devices and create a predictive maintenance dashboard out of it?


Ex.:  How can I easily synchronize and manage all my data in different clouds and on premise ?


Ex.: How can ensure that my AI talents / supplier can have access and experiment easily with my data in order to train the right model?


Ex.: how can I easily share my data with my marketing agency without losing control over how my data are being processed?

Horizontal expertise

Big data architecture
Data engineering and operations
Data engineering automation
Data centralisation
Data security
Self-service data
Data integration
Real-time analytics

Technological expertise


Confluent, Apache Kafka, Azure Event Hub ...

Event-driven data architecture allows for a sound data landscape and real-time analytics. We can:

  • assess the added-value of such technologies within your data landscape and according to your ambition

  • implement event-stream processing use cases

  • add extra modules and value on the top of your existing event-driven architecture


Terraform, Kubernetes, Apache Airflow...

We can automate your data-platform in your cloud account using open source software.


We can also train your train your data team to master the data platform yourself.


Google Cloud, AWS & Azure


Cloud services facilitate and democratized data storage and availability. More and more vendors offer additional services that help client manage easilier their data in the cloud. Is it not always easy though to know which cloud vendors can help you with your specific situations. 

We listen to your needs and constraints. Then we help you assess, implement and develop cloud services according to your needs.

You have a challenge and want to know our opinion about it ?

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