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We build your data platform with open source software in one click.


We are convinced of the crucial role that data platform will play in a 21th century company.
  • It connects all data sources once
  • It transforms and delivers data to different use cases at the same time
  • It centralises and give access to all data in one place
  • It offers self-service data capabilities for new use cases
  • It simplifies data landscape while making it more efficient and faster
  • It allows for real-time capabilities
  • It allows for governance rules and accountability


Confronted to the high costs associated with traditional platform vendors, we created an alternative for our customers based on open source software. With such a solution, any company can afford a high-quality data platform in one click while sparing time and money on its implementation.
Our data platform regroups the best open source software components and can be installed in one click in the client's environments (QA, PROD, acceptance ... / cloud & on-premise) with high security settings.
We will offer this data platform as a managed service in your cloud environment soon.
To further facilitate the use of our data platform, we built a library of data transformation modules that can:
  • Link different entities from different data sources connected to the platform
  • Anonymize any data available on the platform based on governance rules
  • Detect any change in the schema registry
  • Alert in case of undesirable change in the schema registry that can create a bug
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TREE53 data platform
Centralize and access all data
Transform your data at will & deliver them in real-time
Governance & rules-based anonymisation
Secure your environments
Deliver to any of your systems



AI model

BI tool


Oracle DB


IoT data

Connect once any data source

New data source

New use case

Discover our in-house developed transformation modules to add extra value on the top of our platform:
  • Entity-link - link entities from different data sources according to your rules (ex. customer 360°)
  • Governance and rules-based anonymisation - get automatically the data content right based on your rules
  • Schema-evolution manager - manage data schema changes to remain backwards-compatible
  • Schema-delta-detection manager - detect changes in data schema’s, notify your DPA


You have ambition and want to bring your organization to the next digital level
We advise and guide you towards your digital twin
You want to bring speed without compromising quality
We deploy our platform in minutes, not years
You have a budget that cannot afford the cost of traditional platform vendors 
We use open source software and cut thereby the costs of such a platform
You want to empower your team and keep knowledge in-house
We advise and train your team on-the-job as well as with structured training
You want a concrete implementation approach to bring relevant business value quickly
We grow our platform use case by use case, project by project


Building a data platform quickly sounds like climbing the highest mountain. It shouldn't. 
At TREE53, we help you tackle that challenge and split it in different steps.
Our goal? That you can bring immediate practical results with business value every few weeks, not years.

We define the scope of a first use case that answers an existing business need and that will use to prove the technology without impacting existing systems, in the environment of your choice.


We deploy our data platform.


DAY 2 - 20

We build the first use case to prove the technology. 


DAY 20 - 20+

One use case at a time, we build always more value around the very same data platform


You want to know more about our data platform and/or have a use case you would like to discuss?

Leave us a message and we will recontact you asap
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